Representing United in Love in Carnival San Francisco 2021

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In a time when the world was brought to a standstill with a Pandemic, our active team has been creating awareness and offering support to communities. Our endless efforts will continue as people are getting vaccinated to fight this Global emergency.

United in Love participated and joined a powerful event called Carnival San Francisco and joined in solidarity and support with other organizations and initiatives such as San Francisco Public Health, COVID-19 vaccines, and Housing Assistance for people in San Francisco.

Carnival San Francisco theme for 2021 is inspired by the stories of historically marginalized people. It is a reminder that your existence matters––that your health, your livelihood, and your happiness are all a symbol of resistance and prove that in spite of obstacles we thrive. Our Existence is Resistance!

The inequity is apparent, with Native Americans, African–Americans, and Latinxs disproportionately infected and impacted by the pandemic. Ultimately, our histories prove that we can overcome the health and economic impacts of COVID–19 if we stay strong along with the help from our families and communities. We owe it to our ancestors.

We call out to more people willing to serve as volunteers to join us and bring us closer in a time of need.