Serving Communities in Bayview Hunters Point

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As part of our regular work to serve communities, we have started food distributions in areas that have suffered most in the past few months. For families that go hungry for days or unemployed people or people on daily wages who can’t put food on the table in a testing time, we have helped enrich them

United in Love has a successful time in distributing food towards multiple families within Bayview Hunters Point. “I’m so glad we had enough to go around so families feel comfortable with coming back for more.” -Koko

“We have boxes ready, we have people lined up ready, it just feels good to serve my own community and to know we really are making a difference.” -Lisa

In the year since the start of the pandemic shutdown countless neighborhood food pantries have closed due to safety reasons and hundreds more shifted their distribution models. United in Love has identified these issues and scarcities and we will continue to serve different regions facing food scarcity and shortages.